SI Vintage Cowboys and Raiders 8.27.1990 Troy Aikman, Barry Bonds, Boris Becker

Thought I would start off my vintage look into Sports Illustrated with a cover that fits the times. With the Raiders looking great and the Cowboys getting "Crunched" I thought I would get a visual reflection.
The Cover:

 A nice view of Troy Aikman feeling the Oakland Defensesman Mike Wise getting the sack brings awareness of how bad the 1990 Season was for the Dallas Cowboys. For the fans of the Cowboys they are wishing for a better outcome to 2010. Well, I guess miracles do happen, will it happen in big D?
The Line Up:
1. BrawlGame! The article covers the melees in baseball that were affecting the game! Some of the players depicted fighting were Pedro Guerrero, Bob Gibson, and Don Drysdale. Joe Medwick. One picture shows a great black eye on Tony Conigliaro which came from the fist of "Ducky" Joe Medwick.

2. Still a long way to go: Dallas Cowboys after its 1-15 season in 1989 was in a big hole in the early season of 1990. As the head coach, Jimmy Johnson was building a dynasty for the future with a core of great players. But, the 1990 season was still under .500 with a 7-9 record and a few wins a way from the famous saying "How 'bout them Cowboys".

3. "I Deserve My Turn": The story is about Steve Huffman and his relationship with Notre Dame's head coach Lou Holtz. Lou calling Steve a "quitter" started a big fiasco that excalated with Huffman calling out the school and the use of steroids.

4. Good as it gets: Betsy King and her great win at Wykagyl with a 9 under par 63.

5. Fascinating Rhythm: Horseracing and the Travelers Stakes at Saratoga racetrack with the horse Rhythm winning it all.

6. The Push is On: Atlantans were working hard to get the 1996 Olympics in their city. We all know that was the year of the infamous car bombing, The 1996 Olympics did have some great memories winning many medals. The wins of Michael Johnsonwomen's gymnastics team,  Mia Hamm getting gold in womens soccer, and the 1996 Dream Team II were all captivating to watch.

7. The Lone Rider: First place was for the Pittsburg Pirates led by Jim Leyland and slugger Barry Bonds. The story is about Jim and how he managed the team to eventually a disappointing record.

8. Eye of the Tiger: Winning and losing in tennis and the life of Boris Becker. A great 11 page article on how he played the game and lived the life. There is a great photo with Sylvester Stallone included in the article.

All in all the magazine was filled with great reading and a nice trip down memory lane.


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