SI Vintage John Madden 8.27.1990 British Open, Ernie Els, Montreal Expos

This is Monday Night and Football Night. So, I thought I would throw in a few Madden links to help get you ready for some football! 


Who else does Monday Night Football better than John Madden? The cover has him at his best in a nice easy chair with a remote getting ready for football.

Side note: Tonights game features the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins.

On the Bench:

1. Opening article is the ABC Monday Night Football with Al Michaels and John Madden. The storyline revolves around SI and Madden in a Q&A. SI even asked about the bus.

2. We turn to golf and the British Open with the winner Ernie Els.

3. Next, the issues of losing for Frank Robinson and the Monteal Expos. Remember them? They had a few greats Moises Alou, Vladimir Guerrero, and Larry Walker.

4. Boxing in form of defending the welterweight title Vernon Forrest defeated "Sugar" Shane Mosley makes number four on this list.

5. Training camps took a new twist with the death of Korey Stringer and the Vikings and their scrutiny they had to overcome.

6. Homerun Ball Hysteria - The historic 73rd homerun ball of Barry Bonds and the men who fought over it. Alex Popov and Patrick Hayashi battled in the grandstands and in the courtroom for the record breaking ball.

Well thats another installment of SI Vintage. Keep coming back for more issues and more fun!


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