2010 - 2011 AFC Divisional Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburg Steelers

2010-2011  NFL AFC Divisional Playoffs

Saturday, Jan. 15, 4:30 p.m. ET

The rivalery heats back up for the AFC in this battle toward the conference game and the ultimate prize a trip to Arlington, Texas and the Super Bowl XLV!
These two teams have already met twice in the regular season each winning a game each, both by a field goal!  If history has a play in this game the defenses will be put to the test! Two very tough defenses will be going at it to claim their stake as the best in the AFC!

The Pittsburg Steelers defense led by hopefully healthy Troy Polamalu will be all over the field as usual trying to disrupt the timing and reads of Joe Flacco.
Two linebackers looking to add pass rush potential is LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison. If they keep  Flacco on his heels it will leave Polamalu an open path to some ill passed balls.

The Baltimore Ravens have the intimidating Ray Lewis ready to pounce on "Big" Ben Roethlisberger. Ben also better watch out for Haloti Ngata the center who broke Ben's nose earlier in the year. We cannot forget Terrell Suggs and his fierce quarterback sacking ability. Ben will be running all day if these three are able to rush the passer all day!

 The offense of the Baltimore Ravens starts with Joe Flacco and his ability to get the ball downfield. Will Anquan Boldin show up on the big stage or will Derrick Mason be his go to guy? Boldin was aquired this season for this reason to play well in the playoffs. The offensive prowness will have to be split up and give the ball to Ray Rice but, his ability to catch the ball will be most important going at Pittsburg's defense. His talents dictate that he could break up the plays and give some flexabilty so that Flacco can get the ball to his recievers and tight end Todd Heap may have a good day!

The offense of the Pittsburg Steelers will have the Super Bowl winning quarterback Ben Roethlisberger behind center . With have a few games off early in the season he has his timing back and healthy legs, not to mention again the nose. He will have to stay healthy for Pittsburg to have any chance of advancing to the next round! The strong rocket armed quarterback will be looking toward Mike Wallace to carry the receiving duties. Mike has the size and ability will spread the offense and hopefully put points on the scoreboard. The man carrying the rock will be Rashard Mendenhall, a smashmouth back that will pick up a few yards here and there to keep moving the chains! The total offense will need to be at their best against a tough Ravens defense.

Now the two masterminds. Coach Mike Tomlin, Steelers and Coach John Harbaugh, Ravens have seen these teams play twice this year and game film will be important! Having the chance to see how close the previous two games were they have to be looking for a close grind it out football game!

Good luck to both teams!


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