Bodybuilders Playing Major League Baseball - All Time Fantasy Draft

Bodybuilders playing baseball?

What if bigger was better and the major leagues scouted the sport of bodybuilding? Could the massive athlete become a mammoth hitting machine? The bad taste of performance enhancing drugs have made the sport a real head scratcher over the last decade. The latest sting was the Hall of Fame voters and what to do with the "Steroid Era". The evolution of the athlete and their training and diet like anything else in society followed the same BBD rule! Bigger, Better, Deal, that motto was never been more clear in the eyes of all baseball fans in the mid 80's thru the early 2000's. We watched homerun after home run fly out of parks with the jubulation of fans almost uncontollable!
So, with all that written what if a major league clubs would have scoured the gyms to find the next Huge star! Asking the dreaded dumb questions like "How much can you bench?", "How big are your arms", or "Wow, what is your diet?". If all that worked out and found someone willing to get out from under a one ton sguat bar and swing a bat for some scouts. One of these bodybuilders could have been the greatest homerun hitter of all time.
Here is a team by team look into who would have fit onto each major league club.
Hit the link for great videos of each bodybuilder giving their auditions to each of the 32 major league clubs!

American League:

Eastern Division

  1. New York Yankees: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Boston Red Sox: Dorian Yates
  3. Tampa Bay Rays: Lee Haney
  4. Baltimore Orioles: Franco Columbo
  5. Toronto Blue Jays: Sergio Olivia
Central Division

  1. Cleveland Indians: Mohamed Makkawy
  2. Detroit Tigers: Flex Wheeler
  3. Chicago White Sox: Jay Cutler
  4. Kansas City Royals: Kevin Levrone
  5. Minnesota Twins: Phil Heath
Western Division

  1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Shawn Ray
  2. Oakland Athletics: Rich Gaspari
  3. Texas Rangers: Tom Platz
  4. Seattle Mariners: Chris Cromier
National League

Eastern Division

  1. Atlants Braves: Bill Pearl
  2. Florida Marlins: Paul Dillett
  3. New York Mets: Lee Labrada
  4. Philadelphia Phillies: Steve Reeves
  5. Washington Nationals: Dexter Jackson
Central Division

  1. St. Louis Cardinals: Ronnie Coleman
  2. Chicago Cubs: Branch Warren
  3. Milwaukee Brewers: Lee Priest
  4. Cincinnati Reds: Reg Park
  5. Houston Astros: Markus Ruhl
Western Division
  1. San Diego Padres: Frank Zane
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks: Greg Kovacs
  3. Colorado Rockies: Larry Scott
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers: Lou Ferrigno
  5. San Francisco Giants: Bertil Fox
So what if these men picked upa bat?
Would you run?
For an agent?


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